Divorce Financial Expert helps to navigate the financial aspects of divorce

Helping Family Law Professionals

Looking for an expert to navigate the finances during a divorce?

Divorce Financial Experts exists to help you during this difficult time. Call us today to speak to a consultant.

For Family Law Professionals

Attorneys, mediators, arbitrators and mental health professionals can reduce their stress level, decrease their work load, and take on additional cases, as well as, more complex financial cases by engaging Divorce Financial Experts to support their services when working with divorcing clients.

Family law attorneys have expertise in a very specialized area of the law. In the same way, Certified Divorce Financial Analysts have specialized knowledge on the financial and tax issues related to divorce. We manage the financial issues relating to divorce, and become part of the team along with the attorney. Each case is unique. That is why we analyze each case independently to thoroughly examine all property issues, tax issues, retirement plans, basis, personal and business money accounts (including potential hidden accounts), and some little known IRS rules that apply to people getting a divorce.

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